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  • Quick and easy waypoint recording
  • Uses in-built GPS hardware – no need for phone/wireless reception
  • Save unlimited records
  • Autocomplete lists for most Australian vertebrates, plus import your own lists
  • Available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Your records are saved only on your phone and not shared with anyone else

Sightings is an iPhone app that makes it easy to record location data for natural history observations. You’re out in the bush. You see a night parrot. You add a record in Sightings, start typing ‘nigh…’, select ‘night parrot’ from the auto-complete list, and you have a permanent record of the date, time and location of your sighting. Sightings comes preloaded with the common and scientific names of all Australian tetrapods (birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs), plus most Australian butterflies and dragonflies. You can also upload additional names if your taxon of interest is missing. Sightings can be used to record locations of anything, not just animals.

You can then email the list of records to yourself, or connect your iPhone to your computer and download a CSV/GPX file through iTunes. Your records are not shared with anyone else or uploaded to the Internet – only you have access to them.

Check out the screencast demo below, or look at the Sightings documentation for more details.

Sightings screencast

Citing Sightings
If you’ve used Sightings for data collection and you want to cite it in a report or article (maybe in the methods section), I suggest the following format (based on what the APA suggests):

Macdonald, S.L. (2013). Sightings (v1.0.1) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

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