Snakes of Australia for iPhone

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Snakes of Australia is a comprehensive electronic field guide to Australian snakes, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Species profiles include high-resolution photographs, distribution maps, description of key characters, danger rating, similar species, conservation, etymology, pronunciation and more. The guide includes introductory chapters on key aspects of identifying snakes, snake venoms and first aid, and snake biology. The guide is constantly evolving, and will be updated as new species are described.

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Feature overview:

  • Details on Australia’s 167 species of land snake – pythons, colubrids, elapids, file snakes, mud snakes and blind snakes
  • Over 500 photos from some of Australia’s best reptile photographers
  • Most species have multiple photos, showing subspecies and variation
  • Scale count search
  • Can generate a species list for current location using your device’s GPS hardware
  • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch
  • Fully self-contained – no network connection is needed

Search for species based on common name, scientific name, scale counts or location (using your device’s in-built GPS hardware).

Species profiles include high-resolution photos and distribution maps, plus details on identification, medical significance, habitat, diet and natural history.

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Rotate your iPhone to view photos in fullscreen mode.

Citing Snakes of Australia
If you’ve used the Snakes of Australia app and you want to cite it in a report or scientific article (maybe in the methods section), I suggest the following format (based on what the APA suggests):

Zozaya, S.M. & Macdonald, S.L. (2013). Snakes of Australia (1.0.4) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

If you want to refer to a particular species account, you could use:

Zozaya, S.M. & Macdonald, S.L. (2013). Denisonia maculata in Snakes of Australia (1.0.4) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from