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Frogs of Australia is a comprehensive electronic field guide app to Australian frogs, available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (with an Android version on the way). Species profiles include high-resolution photographs, distribution maps, description of key characters, similar species, conservation, calls, and more.

Written and produced by Conrad Hoskin, Gordon Grigg, David Stewart, and Stewart Macdonald, the guide is constantly evolving and will be updated as new species are described. The guide includes introductory sections on frequently asked questions about frogs and frog biology, plus diagrams of anatomical features used to identify frogs.

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The advent of the smartphone has revolutionised the creation of field guides. Not only can you fit essentially unlimited photos, maps, and text in your pocket, but you can also take call recordings into the field with you and use them to help you identify the frogs you can hear. In addition, GPS hardware provides location-aware filtering, enabling you to restrict your search results to only those species you are within range of.

Feature overview:

  • Profiles for all 238 Australian species, including detailed descriptions and distribution maps.
  • Over 1200 high resolution images from some of Australia’s best wildlife photographers.
  • Over 700 frog call sound clips, with oscillograms and spectrograms to visualise call structure.
  • Most species have multiple photos, showing subspecies, colour and pattern variation, habitat, and more.
  • Can generate a species list for your current location using your device’s GPS hardware (if present).
  • Will highlight your current location on the distribution map.
  • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch.
  • Fully self-contained – no network connection is needed.
  • Android version is on the way – stay tuned!

See the app in action in this screencast:

Frogs of Australia iPad screenshot
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

See your own location on the distribution map (requires GPS hardware)

Calls feature oscillograms and spectrograms

Search by common or scientific name and filter by your current location.

Citing Frogs of Australia
If you’ve used the Frogs of Australia app and you want to cite it in a report or scientific article (maybe in the methods section), I suggest the following format (based on what the APA suggests):

Hoskin, C.J., Grigg, G.C., Stewart, D.A. & Macdonald, S.L. (2015). Frogs of Australia (1.0) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

If you want to refer to a particular species account, you could use:

Hoskin, C.J., Grigg, G.C., Stewart, D.A. & Macdonald, S.L. (2015). Rheobatrachus silus in Frogs of Australia (1.0) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

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