So many caiman
Me with some Caiman yacare
in Brazil’s pantanal
Ug Media is run by me, Stewart Macdonald. I’ve been interested in wildlife ever since I moved out to Australia from England. I have a particular soft spot for reptiles, but all animals interest me.

Today’s technology enables us to do amazing things. The application of information technology to biodiversity information and research can produce very powerful results. I believe this technology has amazing power as a conservation tool. Two areas in particular that interest me (and therefore form a focus at Ug Media) are information products and geospatial analysis. You can check out the intersection of my interests in reptiles and technology at the Australian Reptile Online Database.

My work and play take me to some interesting places around Australia. I’ve written about some of my travels on my blog, Stewed Thoughts.

Feel free to drop me a line at stewart [at] ugmedia.com.au.